YIHANG Baby Car Seat Covers for Girls and Boys,Infant Car Seat Cover for Autumn and Winter,Car Seat Canopies & Covers (Grey)

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Posted on: January 8, 2017
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YIHANG Cover is a warm, soft and cozy infant carrier cover that shields your baby from inclement weather and cold temperatures. No need for bulky jackets or snow suits. The elasticized edge allows for easy use on infant carrier and the backless design does not interfere with the child safety straps. The weatherproof shell is lined with a soft, cozy velvet and keeps baby warm and comfy. Pull down flap protects baby’s face from the elements when transporting baby outdoors. Works well with baby carries and car seats. This accessory replaces bulky blankets and quilts, resulting in convenience for parents and comfort for baby.

Product Features

  • Dual Zippers for easy access to baby and child safety straps
  • Warm and soft inner velvet to help keep baby warm
  • Outer shell protects baby from the elements
  • Fits around infant carrier like a shower cap
  • Does not intefere with the child safety straps as recommended by car seat specialists everywhere

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