Year-Round Seasonal Sticker Bulk Pack for Kids – Assorted 1786 PCS – 20 THEMES – Perfect For Teachers, School, Students, Toddlers, Scrapbooking. Incl. All Major Holidays, Seasons, Special Fun Themes

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Posted on: March 5, 2017
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The Secret Weapon Teachers and Parents Use to Keep Kids Entertained for Months. At Cortesia, we were frustrated at the lack of variety, quality and pure awesomeness with the stickers on the market. Some stickers would tear easily when peeling off. Others were bland and monotone. Most wouldn’t stick all day on kids who are used to running around. And absolutely none of them offered a full year-round coverage with all major holidays and seasons. This is why we created the Ultimate Year-Round Sticker Assortment. With 20 different beautiful, exciting themes covering every season and holiday, you’ll never run out of sticker fun. Whether it’s for elementary school, daycare, or home schooling, parents and teachers finally can get a sticker kit that’ll last for the whole year. With close to 900 unique stickers, your kids will be waiting in anticipation thinking “What awesome sticker am I going to get next?” But beware….stickers with bad creases will get your kids upset. That’s why we’re giving you an easy-storage box – helping avoid crumpled stickers with ugly folds and bends! The stickers will stay on your kid’s t-shirts, hands, or paper for the whole day! Cheap paper stickers don’t even compare. We pride ourselves on creating the best stickers in the market. It’s a product that is safe for kids, easy for teachers, and fun for parents! Get creative with 20 different themes: Easter & Spring Summer Vacation Halloween & Autumn Christmas & Winter Emojis Animals & Pets Sports & Games Back to School Birthday Party Food Independence Day St. Patrick’s Day Princess & Valentines Medical Travel & Transportation Motivational Dinosaurs & Sea Creatures Working Men Space (Glow In The Dark)

Product Features

  • UNMATCHED VARIETY FOR YEAR ROUND USE – 20 assorted fun-packed themes, nearly 900 unique stickers, 2 of each one (1786 total!). Cool Glow In The Dark sheets for when the lights go out. Plenty of supplies for year round play!
  • KEEP KIDS BUSY – Good luck keeping their hands off these crafts! Perfect for boys AND girls. A teacher’s secret weapon to keep active students and toddlers engaged. Helps keep your classroom in control!
  • NO CRUMPLED STICKERS – Avoid bad folds and protect the sheets with our easy-storage box. We made it easy to carry stickers to your favorite events. Bring them in bulk on a field trip – great for rewarding good behavior.
  • QUALITY STICKERS – Start scrapbooking with premium sticker packs. Colors are crisp, no-bleeding. Sticks on your t-shirt for the whole day! We use quality PVC material, they’re harder to tear and easy to peel off. No more residue from cheap paper lookalikes.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS – From elementary to middle school, kids love to touch everything and anything in sight. Luckily our stickers are safe for skin and 100% NON-TOXIC. Keeping kids safe while they craft is our biggest priority!


  • Evan Gillespie
    Posted on March 5, 2017 at 1:03 AM
    Coolest stickers! These Cortesia stickers were a great Prime purchase that both my kids and I loved. 
  • Htilb
    Posted on March 5, 2017 at 1:10 AM
    Great gift for kids or teachers I love the quality and variety of the stickers. My kids were super excited to get these as a birthday present. There are two sheets of each design which is great since I have twins. That means no fighting over the favorites.
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