Vafru Universal Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Modulator Radio Adapter Car Kit for Handsfree Calling & Music W Charging Port for Bluetooth Enabled Smartphones, Tablets and MP3 Players

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Posted on: July 20, 2015
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Vafru Universal Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Modulator Radio Adapter Car Kit for Handsfree Calling & Music W Charging Port for Bluetooth Enabled Smartphones, Tablets and MP3 Players


Car MP3 Player FM Transmitter with Bluetooth

fashionable appearance and excellent sound quality and beautiful music can comfort people and release stress

Save MP3 file to U port, plug in U port

Stereo Bluetooth and hands-free caning

Read MP3 file from the USB port, TF card directly


Size: The length of this item: 26cm

The audio cable length: 30cm

Package weight: 3.5oz/99g

Rated working voltage: 12V- 24V

Limit working voltage: 8V-36V

Consumed power: 0.5W

Working voltage: -20 ~ 50C

Support format: MP3,WMA

SNR: 60dB

Reception frequency: 20Hz-15 KHz

FM transmission frequency: 87.5-107.0MHz

USB charging output: 5V/500mA

Bluetooth Version: Blue 2.1 + EDR

Bluetooth transmission distance: 10 – 15m

Bluetooth sound processing: with the AD2P function (Advance Audio Distortion Profile)

Compatible With:

Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, Smartphone, Tablet PC, etc.

How to use:

Inserting the plug of the cigarette lighter into the hole of the car cigarette lighter

Turn on the Car Radio, and utilize the FM of the Radio to search a vacant channel, for example, 88.1 Hz, or slightly adjust the FM channel, you can also adjust the frequency in accordance with the frequency of Car Radio

Inserting the external USB flash disk, or SD/MMC card into this item, it will play the music in the USB flash disk, or SD/MMC card.

Package Included:

1 x Vafru Car Kit Hands-free Stereo Bluetooth FM Transmitter Modulator MP3 Player

1 x Audio cable

Product Features

  • Newest version : Hands-free calls, enjoy clear music, GPS voice navigation, charge your device.
  • This product not only can play the MP3 music from your cellphone by 3.5mm audio cable but also support USB flash disk playing.
  • Built-in microphone makes hands-free calls easy. With the product, you can greatly enjoy music and picking the call up during driving for safety.
  • An universal USB charging port for charging mobile phones and other devices (output: DC 5V/1A), so you can power up while you’re talking or listening to music.
  • Adapting with professional-grade bluetooth Module, this product can play the music from your phone , tablet PC or U disk nondestructive by your car’s stereo.


  • Elizabeth Shirk
    Posted on July 20, 2015 at 7:27 PM
    This is a GREAT FM transmitter!!very good!!nice!! This is a GREAT FM transmitter! I owned a corded one for about 12 years and it finally started to fall apart. I decided that I wanted to try a cordless transmitter because the wires were always a hassle, getting caught on the e-brake when I tried to move my phone around. When I purchased it, I did see it stated in the description "This device does not play music and charge at the same time." BUT my Galaxy S4 does. Not sure if other phones do or not, though. 
  • francisco gomez
    Posted on July 20, 2015 at 7:42 PM
    Road-tested - near CD quality UPDATE: 
  • tims wireless
    Posted on July 20, 2015 at 8:04 PM
    Nice FM transmitter!!! My boyfriend's car does not have an aux port since it's an older car so for a while we've been trying to find solutions to listen to music on pandora or spotify without an FM transmitter. We've tried using tiny bluetooth speakers in the car and it worked for a while but the sound quality just isn't the same as the car speaker. I was so happy to have the chance to try out this FM transmitter because we've been wanting one for a while now and am glad to say that it works great. Now we can listen...
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