Sumsonic Magnetic Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder Cradle for All Phone Sizes, Apple or Android, Easy Install on Any Surface Including Desk, Wall, or Car Dashboard -Luxurios Design & Good Gift Idea (X)

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Posted on: July 31, 2015
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Using your Phone while you are driving is dangerous; Sumsonic Car Mounting Kit is an elegant solution for phone mounting while driving! You can now answer or make an urgent call without taking out your eyes on the road and use Google maps, without pulling your car.

Looking for Win-Win purchase of Car mounting kit?

SUMSONIC car mount kit is the mother of all mount kit – well-constructed and available for almost every vehicle on the market.

It is universal that it works in almost all Smartphone, there’s almost no hype here. The design is simple and there’s no distraction, it fits neatly to the grip and the suction clutches to the dashboard under all conditions. And then there’s the 360-deg viewing angle.

It’s powerful yet safe magnetic field to seamlessly mount your phone or tablet, for hands-free access on the road.

✔ Lightweight and delivers incredibly strong attachment for any mobile device

✔ Made of neodymium magnet that is  are known to be super strong, long lasting and safe for use with all phones and tablets

✔ Adjusts and holds in any viewing angle

✔ Every driver is able to find the perfect position and angle to deliver glare free and convenient at-a-glance viewing

✔ Antirust ball shape base

Package Included:

☑ Magnetic phone socket

☑ Antirust ball mount

☑ Two extra high quality 3M® VHBTM foam adhesive tape

☑ Protective film for ball shape base

☑ Comes with alcohol Pads for cleaning the place where you can fix the ball mount

Product Features

  • ★ EASILY ATTACHES TO CAR DASHBOARD – Make your life easier while you’re driving with this new Sumsonic car mount kit allows you to easily attach and view your cell phone right on your dashboard in a snap. This holder is designed to secure your mobile device at any angle that suits you. The unique magnetic design also allows you to position your Smartphone EXACTLY as you desire.
  • ★ EXTREMELY USEFUL – This magnetic phone holder will give you best phone mounting experience from portrait position to landscape position allows you to navigate your phone freely whether you are use MAPS, GPS, Audios and other practical uses of your Phone/iPad in your car, say GOODBYE from frustration of your phone flying onto the floor. It can attach in any magnetic surface (cabinets, toolbox, refrigerator, workout machine, etc.)
  • ★ LIFETIME EXCHANGE WARRANTY – Sumsonic will make every effort for 100% customer satisfaction. We are proud to offer you an UNLIMITED MILEAGE, Lifetime warranty at no cost on you against defect and workmanship with 30 day money back guarantee. Having issue with our product? Let us know and we are happy to serve you any time. NOTE: our lifetime warranty does not cover lost of item or misuse.
  • ★ CONVENIENT UNIVERSAL DESIGN – With great mounting system that easily quickly attach and remove your phone/iPad and you are ready to go. Easily adapts to any dashboard’s shape due to its flexible props. No drilling required, uses strong adhesive to securely attach to dashboards. Strong magnetic force securely holds the phone in place and super POWEFUL 360 swivel head allows for angle adjustment for full view of your PHONE and make it accessible and ready for action right where you need it.
  • ★ HIGH-QUALITY AND SUPER SOLID – Sumsonic Car Mount kit composed of powerful neodymium magnet,Aluminum and ABS holder with flexible silicon that attaches to the center to provide a magnet-ready strong anti-slip grip, the magnetic ball features 3M® VHBTM foam adhesive tape for secure attachment perfect for holding even your tablets and any digital product. 3M® VHBTM foam adhesive tape is safe and wont damage your devices surfaces after you detach the gadget with EXTRA two adhesive included for back up!


  • Amber
    Posted on July 31, 2015 at 8:16 AM
    Very beautiful and works great. This is a magnetic car mount, which I like. It is easier to use. The car mount itself is very nice looking. The cross is very beautiful and stands out very well. It is made of very high quality metal, and very durable. This will last for a long time. It does have a round ball that the cross mount goes on, which allows you to swivel it any way you like. This is one of my favorite parts. Sometimes I use my phone for music and I like it to be upright, and I need it to be sideways if I am using it...
  • Charlie
    Posted on July 31, 2015 at 8:28 AM
    I LOVE it! If you do not have a magnetic smartphone car mount holder then you definitely need to get one! These things are so freaking amazing... 
  • Darktragedy
    Posted on July 31, 2015 at 8:46 AM
    Easy to use magnetic car phone mount! Length:: 2:45 Mins 
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