Smartlife Sweatproof Smart Watch Phone for iPhone and Android SmartPhones Include 16G Micro SD Card (Black)

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Posted on: October 29, 2016
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note: Please open the rear cover and put the battery into the base according to the arrow of direction mark.

Important Features
Micro SIM card (Frequency GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900) (not included), 32GB SD card (16GB SD card included),totally English supported
Smilelife GT08 Smart watch with the NFC function realize point-to-point data transmission
Built-in 2 Mega Pixels HD camera, can record HD video, pictures of remote control support Android mobile phone

1.What is required Android version and Bluetooth version for a smartphone to work with this watch?
For Android phone, it supports Android version 4.2 or higher.For iPhone, it supports iOS 7.0 or higher. Bluetooth 4.0 or above is Ok.

2.How to understand that it can be used as a standalone phone?
When you insert a micro SIM card & SD card, it can be used to make calls, recieve or send texts and visit the website. The technology is at its first step and not mature which can not be compaired with the phone. Please be more patient to witness its development.

3.How to surf internnet?
Put in a micro sim card ,then you can surf intennet

3.How to download APK?
APK is the abbreviation of Android Package including BT Notification Android,Fendo APP Android. BT Notificationsupports notifaction push including texts,calls, Facebook & Twitter,anti-lost,remote camera. Fendo Companyis a customized personal fitness monitor.

Open the QR code device >Scan it by the scanner >Install the APK on your Android smartphone.

Note 1:The QR code is global used and applied to any scanner.If there is no scanner on your phone,please download one in the app store.

Note 2:The watch mode is automatically set into company mode/flight mode.Please change it into normal mode in the settings.

Product Features

  • 1. Capacitive full-color display with three stylish watch faces and an adjustable band perfectly paired with 1.54-inch smooth touch screen for your easy operation;
  • 2. Function : hands-free calls /Answer or Dial call,message reminder, pedometer , sleep monitor, sedentary remind ,music player , Alarm Clock, watch with Camera,stopwatch,calculator,web browser;
  • 3. You can see the caller ID on your watch if you sync the contact information through Bluetooth connection;
  • 4. Bluetooth mode: For Android system, it supports anti-lost, phone book, Fundo, remote camera and notification push including email,calls, Facebook & Twitter. For IOS system. For iPhone,it only supports partial functions including Calendar, Call Sync, Calculator, Clock, Music player,Handsfree,message reminder,ect;
  • 5. Note: Please buy Genuine from TMOTHY LERAOW and 100% quality guarantee and warranty with a express tracking, please feel free to contact us.


  • Arleen Dotson
    Posted on October 29, 2016 at 12:45 PM
    And the best feature is it tells you when you become separated ... A friend has one of these and I was so impressed but what it can do. And the best feature is it tells you when you become separated from your phone. So of your forgetful and leave your phone behind when you get up from the bus or train once you walk away from the phone the watch alerts you that the phone is not with you so you will never forget your phone again. I know I won't. That's the main reason I bought this watch.
  • dave
    Posted on October 29, 2016 at 1:08 PM
    Watch out for the watch band, does not fit big wrist I do think that this watch is a very nice watch. Only thing that I think is really bad about it it did not fit my wrist so I actually emailed the seller, the seller to get back to me and told me that she cannot do nothing because the metal inside the band Works off the watch. The reason why I'm giving this item a 4 star, is because the seller felt bad so they offered me some refund. So how can you complain about that
  • Suany
    Posted on October 29, 2016 at 1:35 PM
    Worth what they are asking So I don't have an iphone so I can't tell you how it works with one of those but I have a Samsung Galaxy Note3 and it paired quickly without any issues. So of course this isn't like the smart watches that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars or else it wouldn't be sold at the price it is being sold at.This watch was a little difficult to set up and configure it the way you want it, but after all that It was really good with my android device.
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