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Posted on: February 23, 2017
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BUY NOW SAVE $5.00 Smart Reach is a new patent-pending product that elevates bedside cell phone holders. A sewn-in magnet and separate metal plate attaches the Pocket easily to any fitted sheets. Keep your cell phone within easy reach while in bed. Great for students, business travelers and all that love to stay in social contact. Alternatively, use it to hold your remote controls or reading glasses. Do you use your phone as an alarm clock? No more wondering if you will hear it. Need to know the time? No more fumbling to find your phone that’s fallen on the floor; no more cluttered nightstands, and no more searching for phones “lost” in your sheets or under pillows. And because it attaches to your fitted sheet, you can easily make your bed, keeping it out of sight. Smart Reach is a must-have item, and makes a great gift for all. Made in the USA (Available in four color options Black, Sand, Lavender, Pink)

Product Features

  • Secures neatly and discreetly on your fitted sheet for upper mattress-side placement
  • Simple fit with magnet sewn in pouch and external attracting plate (included) for placement anywhere on bed, futon, cot, bunk bed, or wherever not just for a bed
  • Pocket form is stabilized with special padded inner material layer to enhance structure
  • Hinge top panel allows for mattress top placement. Designed for one phone or remote control to remain discrete on upper bedding. Not designed to create unsightly clutter with multiple holdings like bedside caddies that can only hang out of reach below your mattress.
  • Will fit Smart phones & PDAs and yes your iPhone Plus. 8″H x 6″L (pocket opening up to 3″)


  • modeaux
    Posted on February 23, 2017 at 2:11 AM
    Easy reach! Put where you want. This goes anywhere you need it. All the others fit under the mattress and you have to reach past your mattress to get anything. With this the remote or whatever you have in it is at the edge of the mattress. There are 3 disk magnets sewn in at the top. A flat piece of metal is supplied. You put that under the sheet and then on the top of the sheet put the pocket. The 3 disk magnets are is placed over the metal. They stick together and stay there. The magnets are strong enough to hold...
  • Veronica
    Posted on February 23, 2017 at 2:22 AM
    Solution to a problem! Got this for hubby because he doesn't have a nightstand right now since we got a bigger bed. He put his phone on the wood bed frame but it would fall off constantly or would vibrate the wood and wake me up.He would have to get out of bed to reach it if it fell and no one likes that when they are all settled.This eliminated all of the problems and his phone is safer with less falls.I would highly recommend for anyone who doesn't have a night table nearby.
  • S. Burch
    Posted on February 23, 2017 at 2:37 AM
    Perfect for dorm room This is the best little gadget! My daughter just moved into her first college dorm room and had nowhere to keep her iPhone (she uses it for alarm clock) after we raised the bed higher to fit stuff underneath. This little gem solves the problem beautifully! Because of the magnets you can adjust where you secure it between the sheets, unlike other bedside caddies that fit between the mattress and bed frame and hang down so low you can't reach the bottom pockets. I'm considering buying one for...
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