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Posted on: April 16, 2017
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Family-owned for three generations, Royal brand celebrates culinary traditions and the taste of adventure. Our foods take you on a journey through exciting, bold flavors from around the world.

Product Features

  • Naturally Aromatic Rice
  • Basmati Rice
  • Net Weight: 15 lbs.


  • Miz Brody
    Posted on April 16, 2017 at 12:05 PM
    How to cook REAL basmati rice I bought this because it's impossible to find authentic 817 Elephant brand cleaned and highly aged basmati (beware of imitations). Because of the good reviews of this rice, however, I decided to try it. The "aged" taste is not as pronounced as authentic 817 Elephant , however, it cooks up fine and is pretty good. When cooked properly, according to "Persian" and Asian/Indian methods (see below), this is actually a good rice.UPDATE: After trying what I believed to be an authentic "817 Elephant" brand basmati rice only to find it bland, without the distinctive aroma, and undistinguished, I bought this Royal basmati for the second time.NOTE: In order to cook this rice in the authentic Indian/Persian method so that it doesn't get sticky, gummy or fall apart, there is a three-stage process I always use, taught to me ages ago by a real Persian cook.1. Soak 1 cup rice in highly salted water for at least 2 hours. Overnight is good in...
  • A Mom
    Posted on April 16, 2017 at 12:06 PM
    Delicious but shop around...
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