LoveS 100 Pc Party Favor Toy Assortment Kids Party Favor, Birthday Party, Holiday party, School Classroom Rewards, Carnival Prizes, Pinata Toys, Stocking Stuffers

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Posted on: September 17, 2016
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The assorted items are special selected for kids in the age between 5 to 12. They will bring a lot of fun from daily play to special events like carnivals and birthday parties. It also provides one hundred stocking stuffer and easter egg filler ideas.

We at smart novelty are very proud to introduce this new and economical toy assortment for our Amazon clients, this assortment has a wide range of happy clients that keep on reordering mainly costumers who used it for kids party bags, party favors, and party giveaways, for which it is great!!

As well as teachers that use it for their prize rewords box, and dentist or medical centers that use them to keep the children happy and cooperative, They include a wide range of small and mid-size toys, such as, funny glasses, lip whistle, rings, party noise makers, paper planes, spinners, hand clappers, finger trap, and much more small prizes, the assorted items are special selected it should work for kids in the age between 5 to 12 The selection of small and mid-size toys is special designed to bring excitement and fun, to any carnival, and party event, by including a lot of noise makers, and kids whistles, as well as funny glass, and colored teeth, use it to bring fun and joy at your event or class.

Product Features

  • All sorts of different toys are suitable for all kinds of party, as the prize。It includes all kinds of kid’s small toys and party giveaways, this prize bag will make your party event a hit of a time!!!
  • Super Value High Quality Collection of 100 Pieces Best Seller Toy Assortment for Boys Which Will Bring Incredible Fun to Your Kids and Their Friends! Perfect for Kids Party Favor. This Pack Includes Many Different Toy Sets with Minimum Duplication in Colors or Designs.
  • It includes a wide range of toys such as: rings, whistles and party noise makers, finger traps, fake teeth, plastic racer cars, and much more fun items.
  • Note: this is exclusively sold by Smart Novelty, and we can only insure good quality items that match the description if you buy it directly from us, (if you are buying this item from a different seller you will not get the same item)
  • Toys Meet American Toy Safety Standards.


  • Rachobug; Every Review Matters
    Posted on September 17, 2016 at 9:11 AM
    Great 100 Piece Toy Set; Highly Recommended for Parties and School Events This 100 piece set arrived on time, packaged well and was free from any damages upon initial inspection. 
  • DanielleR
    Posted on September 17, 2016 at 9:14 AM
    You get what you see! We just had our sons 2nd birthday party this weekend and this was a great assortment of party favors to include in the gift bags. As far as the quality goes, it is basically what you would expect from these type of toys. There is nothing exceptional about the quality, but they also are not total pieces of crap either. Another thing that I really liked about this assortment is that it seems to be almost exactly as pictured. There is just about the exact amount and each type of item that is in...
  • Sunny San Diego
    Posted on September 17, 2016 at 9:25 AM
    Wow so many cool toys, great party favors, kids are happy! This is a wonderful set of 100 beautiful little toys that wold make an kid happy. There are a lot of great toys that are suitable for both girls and boys to play with. They would make great party favors to give away to the kids as a little remembrance of the birthday party. Out favorites are the big flying planes that you build yourself and the sticky putty Spidermen that you throw against the window and watch rolling down - hours of fun and just a great overall collection, recommend...
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