Cooper Cases(TM) Mini Pouch Universal 5-5.5 inch Smartphone Sleeve Case in Blue (Cutouts, Pull out flap, Clean and Elegant Design)

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Posted on: July 28, 2016
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Who says elegance can’t be be simple and affordable. The Minipouch is an extremely presentable, handsome case made from extra durable materials keeping your smartphone secure and your wallet unburdened. Perfect for those often on-the-go as it offers a very comfortable grip and basic protection (ever drop your phone while chasing an appointment?). All the while it’s still efficient to use as your phone can be removed with one swift move. Unlike most sleeves, it comes with cutouts at the bottom for jacks and chargers allowing you to charge and listen to music while it’s still in the case.

To employ simply insert your smartphone into the sleeve. Plug jacks and chargers into the bottom of your phone (if that’s where the sockets are located) for convenient listening or charging while safely tucked away. To remove your device give the flap at the back a gentle tug and see your phone peek out over the top.

– Universal design, made to fit all smartphones in the 4-4.7 inch range
– Top sides have cutouts making it very easy to remove the phone manually
– Includes “eject button”, simply pull the flap at the back to pop the phone out and begin use
– Clean, elegant design with easy-grip faux leather finish makes you presentable anywhere
– Refined, lovely pastel color options, appropriate for all genders and occasions
– Offers basic protection while in use, no more scratches from keys or cracked screens from drops

Product Features

  • Universally designed to fit all smartphones in the 5-5.5 inch range.
  • Comes with cutouts at the bottom for jacks and chargers giving extra security when in use.
  • Super easy to remove with handy pulley system, no digging the case trying to fish out your phone and also has open sides at the top let you manually remove your phone with ease.
  • Lovely faux-leather finish giving you an air of elegance wherever your week takes you.
  • Choose express shipping with DHL – guaranteed delivery in 2-3 days.

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