Christmas Dog Rope Toys for Boredom Interactive Chew for Medium Dogs Tug of War

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Posted on: December 21, 2016
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Has your pet ever bitten your slippers?Do you want he/she correct the shortcoming?
Our rope toy could help you!

This rope toy has a handle and a ball, it is perfect for playing, chewing, tugging.

– definitely big enough for medium dogs.
– tough and appear to be able to withstand many good tug sessions
– great indoor option for a toy

Our toy is made of durable cotton rope, it’s 100% safe for your dog, and could clean teeth by chewing to improve oral hygiene.

Package:1 piece

* If you have any problems with your order please contact us first. We will try our best to solve it ASAP.
We wish you had a comfortable shopping experience! Thank you!!

Product Features

  • 20.5 inches in length with a handle and a balls of 2.3 inches diameter.
  • Made of durable 100% cotton, not recommended for aggressive chewers
  • Knotted rope and ball for interactive play, great dental chew for adult dogs
  • Helps improve oral hygiene by cleaning teeth with chewing
  • A great gift for your pet when Christmas is coming,provides playtime of fun and exercise.


  • Danielle Patrick
    Posted on December 21, 2016 at 6:06 PM
    A few days later I opened it and gave it to my foster dog (pit bull/sharpie mix) since he destroyed his favorite toy into thousa bought this for a smaller collie mix breed dog who we lost due to an unfortunate accident. A few days later I opened it and gave it to my foster dog (pit bull/sharpie mix) since he destroyed his favorite toy into thousands of pieces. The ball didn't last long. NOT AT ALL. It took him as long as it took me to vacuum my living room before I came back into the bedroom and the ball was also in a thousand pieces. The rope held up though so I am thankful for small miracles. It is larger than expected...
  • Lisa Kelly@ HeavensRays Crafts
    Posted on December 21, 2016 at 6:14 PM
    christmas dog rope toys I am so glad I bought this item, I love everything about it and haven't found anything yet, that I think 
  • Shannhlvb
    Posted on December 21, 2016 at 6:23 PM
    Great toy, but for BIG dogs, not small This is a nice quality. It has a tennis ball on the end of rope with a loop on other end to play tug a war. It says it is for small dogs, but it is definitely for big dogs. I can't imagine any dog under 50 pounds being able to play with this because of weight and width. If you're looking for a Christmas present for a bigger dog, this will make it happy. I'm glad I bought it on sale because it is too big for my dogs, but my daughter has a Border Collie who will love it.
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