Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties Doll: 9 inch Holiday Helpers Collection – Christie Candy Cane

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Posted on: September 28, 2016
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These 9″ Holiday HELPERS Cuties are a 2016 Limited/Exclusive Collection. Their soft bodies and sculpted heads resemble the classic CPK look that everyone knows and loves. The Holiday HELPERS Collection comes in 4 festive styles (Holly Reindeer, Jack Snowman, Christie Candy Cane & Connor Elf). They are a must have addition to any CPK collection.

Product Features

  • 9″ Holiday HELPER Cuties; Collect all 4 styles
  • #25 – Christie Candy Cane; Will ship in a clear polybag
  • 18 Months and Up
  • Officially Licensed by CPK
  • Soft, Cuddly, and comes with a fresh Baby Powder Scent


  • Donna Crabtree
    Posted on September 28, 2016 at 4:05 AM
    Great Christmas gift! This is one of the cutest Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties dolls that I have bought on Amazon, and my favorite! It is 9 inches tall and made out of vinyl and fabric. The outfit is made of red, white and green cotton. There is a green bib on the front. The hat comes off to reveal a bald head. The vinyl smells just like baby powder. This is exactly like an original Cabbage Patch Kid, but is shorter and does not come in a box. It does however come with the signature Cabbage Patch kid tag on the right...
  • Carolet
    Posted on September 28, 2016 at 4:19 AM
    Deja Vue I was going to give this little Christmas baby to my grandson Cristian, who is almost 2. His older sister (4) is very stingy when it comes to letting him play with her babies. Maybe it is because he is not so careful? Anyway, his Mom and I spoke about it and decided we were going to call it Cris, and it was going to be a baby boy elf from the North Pole. It was going to be his Birthday present. Well, right about then, he tripped, cut his lip, went to the ER and got stitches. You know I gave it...
  • Hpykirk
    Posted on September 28, 2016 at 4:47 AM
    Adorable!! This Christie Candy Cane is just adorable! This cute 9 inch cabbage patch doll is dressed in red and white candy stripes all ready for Christmas! It smells so good like baby powder.its thumb even fits in its mouth. I ordered this for my granddaughter for Christmas she is going to be so happy! 
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