Benk Star Lights Projector – Ultra Bright LED Night Lamp – Rotating Star Sky & Space Projector-Multiple Color Modes for Relaxing Illumination – Free Bonuses – LED Sports Armband & USB Beside Lamp

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Posted on: January 22, 2017
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Experience LED lighting that reduces eye strain, enhance your clarity, and offers unmatched brightness versatility.

When you can’t sleep under the open night sky but still want to see the stars dance and twinkle up above, you need a nightlight that helps bring their gorgeous radiance to you. Introducing the Benk Constellation Night Light, a rotating star and sky projector that displays stars, the moon and constellations with ultrabright LED clarity against walls and ceilings of any room in your house.

Bright and Beautiful Lighting

These nightlights offer a soft, warm glow for babies, kids or adults trying to fall asleep, complete with multiple colors and lighting modes. Better yet, they can either be static or rotate, depending on your selection. Set up an intimate evening along and cuddle under your own stars floating above!

Amazing Extras

Each order also comes with an LED running reflective belt that can be worn on the ankle or wrist to ensure you stay safe while jogging, cycling or trail running. What’s more, you’ll also receive a USB-powered desk lamp that lights up your laptop for better night reading or typing, as well as a FREE USB wall charger.

Product Details:

Rotating Light Projector Bright LED Bulbs in Multiple Colors One-Touch Lighting with Multiple Modes Improved Projection and Clarity Satisfaction Guaranteed

Order Includes:

Rotating Constellation Nightlight USB Charging Cable Nightlight Charger LED Runner’s Bracelet USB-Powered LED Lamp

Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to get a fun and versatile night light bundle for home, outdoor and travel use!

Product Features

  • RELAXING CONSTELLATION VIEW – Lie back in the comfort of your own bed and fall asleep as colorful stars, the moon, and constellations swirl around you.
  • MULTIPLE MODES W/FREE CHARGER – An easy-to-use push button planetarium with single pattern, multiple colors, and static or rotatable system. Power the device via AAA batteries (not included) or the free USB charger!
  • GREAT FOR ALL AGES – Place this bright nightlight in your baby’s bedroom, as a fun wedding decoration, at a birthday party, or give it as an exciting holiday gift! It can also be used for romantic evenings with a loved one!
  • VERSATILE & EXCITING BONUSES – Orders come with a LED runner’s armband and a powerful USB reading lamp for your computer.
  • IMPORTANT – SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Each Benk product comes backed by superior customer service and a reliable 30-day money back guarantee for satisfaction.


  • lilid12
    Posted on January 22, 2017 at 12:11 PM
    perfect item !!!! I was not expecting this one to be any different than the others. But I was wrong! 

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