Baby Touch and Feel: Christmas (Baby Touch & Feel)

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Posted on: January 11, 2017
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Help your baby experience the magic of Christmas this year with Baby Touch and Feel: Christmas! This jolly treat will get your baby excited for the holiday season as he or she feels Santa’s velvety hat, the christmas decorations, a red-nosed reindeer, and much more!

With padded covers, simple images, and an amazing range of novelty textures, Baby Touch and Feel books capture the attention of the very youngest children, and create an experience they’ll want to repeat again and again.

Baby Touch and Feel books are the perfect series for the very youngest readers. These small, padded books excite babies and toddlers with their foil and touch-and-feel covers. Each book in this affordable series contains twelve vibrant interior pages with bold, engaging images. Containing large word labels, each page has foil or glitter to behold or a tantalizing texture to touch. These safe novelty textures immediately intrigue babies and are perfect for little fingers to feel. The Baby Touch and Feel series encourages sensory development, language skills, and early reading skills while teaching colors, shapes, patterns, and opposites.

Imagine touching Santa’s snowy white beard, or a reindeer’s leathery, squishy nose! Christmas is a time of sensory pleasures, and this Touch and Feel Christmas novelty book captures some of the best tactile experiences for very young children. The chunky, square board book features Santa’s fluffy beard, first viewed through a die-cut hole in the front cover, shiny Christmas tree ornaments, a caroler’s fleecy hat, and the velvety soft belly of a plush lion. Dorling Kindersley’s trademark crisp, colorful photos accompany simple text, encouraging young readers to explore the textures of Christmas. Here is a perfect Christmas gift to surprise your young one with–perhaps a few weeks before the holiday! (Baby to preschool) –Emilie Coulter

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  • Haley E.
    Posted on January 11, 2017 at 3:45 PM
    Christmas Book Tradition I purchased this book as part of a Christmas tradition for my daughter. We are going to wrap 25 books and open one each night to read as a family leading up to Christmas (thank you Pinterest for the idea!) This is a board book which will hold up for a few years until we need to upgrade to the next reading level. I knocked off a star because its not really as sensory relevant as I thought it would be for a touch and feel book. I still love it though!!
  • Cathy
    Posted on January 11, 2017 at 4:05 PM
    My 6 1/2 month old loves it Honestly I think this book is a little dorky. There is no story, just pictures of Christmas items with their name beneath them and a few words above. The pictures aren't even that great! However my son loves this book! I ordered it for him for St Nicks Day and he loves to read it. He touches all the pictures and stays still the entire time I am reading it. The authors know something I don't because my son adores it! Great gift for babies that they will really enjoy.
  • Patricia Harbour
    Posted on January 11, 2017 at 4:11 PM
    I was really disappointed in the entire Baby Touch and Feel series of ... I was really disappointed in the entire Baby Touch and Feel series of books that I ordered for my daughter this Christmas. The amount of "touch" and "feel" in the book is sorely lacking. Some pages you can barely even feel anything. I would not recommend this book or any of this series if you are looking for a sensory experience for your little one.
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