All in One Baby Car Toy, Keeps Both Baby and Parent Calm and Happy While in Car

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Posted on: July 24, 2016
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The All-1 Car Toy is the perfect combination to keep your baby entertained whilst travelling! The colorfully illustrated, engaging play center will delight babies travelling in a rear facing car seat, with an assortment of cute, lovable hanging toys which dangle cheerily in front of baby. The richly colored crinkling frog, jingle bells ball and rattling flower toys will all help baby to develop fine and gross motor skills, whilst keeping him amused and occupied during long car journeys. The curved baby-safe car mirror, which can be used alongside or separately from the play center, will allow parent to keep a watchful eye on baby from the driver’s seat, with maximum view. Both parts of the All-in-1 Car Toy are easily attached to the headrest by means of a strong Velcro locking strap and 2 large plastic rings, along with angle adjusting straps. At Taf Toys we understand that choosing the right developmental toy for your child is a serious decision. Taf Toys’ wide range of products provides you with developmental toys that correspond to your baby’s age and that are challenging, fun, and inspire the imagination. All of our toys are created with the intention to promote your baby’s emotional, cognitive, and physical development during their first two years of growth. Our goal is to help your baby establish a foundation for a healthy and happy developmental path. Box Contains 1 x Car Toy with 3 hanging toys 1 x Baby-safe curved mirror

Product Features

  • Perfect combination to keep your baby entertained whilst travelling.
  • For babies travelling in a rear facing car seat.
  • Play Center and Car Mirror can be used together or independently.
  • Baby-safe car mirror will allow parent to keep a watchful eye on baby from the driver’s seat, with maximum view.
  • Suitable from birth.


  • Triple A
    Posted on July 24, 2016 at 10:48 PM
    Entertaining for my little one My daughter loves this toy. She likes to kick each object and hear the different sounds they make. She also likes to kick them harder and harder to make them swing. The only downside to this product is a safety issue. Having any items, especially a heavy mirror, can be very dangerous in an auto collision. If you consider that an object which weighs one pound has the force of thirty pounds while traveling at 30 mph, then you might think twice about this product. The connector pieces seem okay,...
  • MysticPizza
    Posted on July 24, 2016 at 11:06 PM
    Great Entertainer! This was the perfect solution to entertaining our 4 month old. He finally got to the point where he would stay awake in the car and we wanted something to entertain him. Right away he started kicking it, but it took a week or two to catch on to the fact that he could reach the stuff hanging from it. The mirror could potentially be dangerous, but it has a Velcro strap to go around the headrest, as well as a clip to clip on to the metal bar beneath the headrest, so I feel safe using it. My...
  • KNewts
    Posted on July 24, 2016 at 11:27 PM
    My 4 month old twins finally like the car!!! My 4 month old twins would scream every time we had to take a car ride - I was desperate so hopped on Amazon to see what products might help. I'm so glad i saw this - tested it out for the 1st time this morning and I was able to drive around for over an hour before I heard any fussing. This is a HUGE improvement over where we were before. They liked looking at themselves in the mirror (and I like the ability to see them in it), and I heard the little toys jingling in the back, so they seemed to...
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