Why Worry? Be Happy! Neon Yellow Smile Funny Face Stress Ball – Happy Smiley Face Stress Balls Bulk Pack of 24 Relaxable 2″ Stress Relief Smile Squeeze Balls Fun Toys Christmas Stocking Stuffer

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Posted on: March 3, 2017
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Make the world a happier place by Smiling! Smiling – the purest expression of happiness – has the ability to regulate our blood pressure, strengthen our immune system, lower the risk of cancer, increase our life by seven years, and provide inner peace and satisfaction. The good news is that it doesn’t cost a thing, yet unfortunately, an average adult smiles only 20 times a day. These happy face balls are irresistible and will squeeze a smile out of anybody. These 2″ squeeze balls, some of the best stress balls in the world, are spongy and bouncy, and feature a wide smiley face. For ages 3+.

Product Features

  • ADORABLE HAPPY SMILE FACE DESIGN WILL MAKE YOU SMILE, which will immediately improve your mood, because the simple action of thinking about a smile and the muscles you use when you do, triggers positive and happy chemicals in your brain.
  • GREAT FOR STRESS RELIEF. Nelijoe Stress relief squeeze balls are proven to relieve stress as all of your energy and focus is being redirected and taken out on the stress ball.
  • STRESS BALLS TAKES THERAPY TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. These stress balls have been handpicked to help kids with autism or ADHD focus and manage daily stress.
  • PERFECT TOOL TO HELP YOU WITH MUSCULAR RELAXATION. The benefit of squeezing is renowned to releases some kind of energy that induces you to relax.
  • STRESS BALLS ARE A GREAT SELF REGULATION THERAPY TOOL that can help facilitate focusing and concentration!


  • Mary Lee
    Posted on March 3, 2017 at 5:44 AM
    Wonderfully entertaining. I filled a large Smiley Face bank ... Wonderfully entertaining. I filled a large Smiley Face bank (opened in center) with these little stress balls, gave it to mygranddaughter, who has lots of stress in her job). When she opened the all the little yellow faces flew all over. The look on her face was a true "Kodak" moment. Everyone else enjoyed the scene. She is taking them to work and will pass on them as needed. Thanks for a great gift!!
  • Clau
    Posted on March 3, 2017 at 6:14 AM
    Unexpensive and popular. NIcef avors for Valentine's Day. The kids in my 3rd grade daughter's class loved them. And the teens in my 7th grade daughter's class too! Unexpensive and popular.All of them came intact, nice and in the right amount. The package was on time and they had no foul odors.
  • Amazon Customer
    Posted on March 3, 2017 at 6:28 AM
    They love them and I think once the novelty wears off I bought these for the kids in my afterschool program to use when they are having a hard time. Of course, the minute they got them they started throwing them, lol. They love them and I think once the novelty wears off, they will be very helpful!
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