WHY SAFETY YELLOW? CLICK TO SEE! THE #1 safest baby car mirror for rear facing baby seat , 100% shatterproof , PREMIUM SAFETY BONUS Baby on Board sign BONUS

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Posted on: March 28, 2017
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NEW RELEASE – Europe’s favorite baby car mirror now launching in the US – Royal Rascals brings you the NEXT GENERATION in baby car mirrors, delivering your baby maximum safety and you peace of mind at ALL times – buy the best – your baby’s worth it!

The Royal Rascals mirror will help you quickly discover if your little one…

★ has been sick
★ has finally fallen asleep
★ is in direct sunlight
★ is out of harm’s way

HOW will the Royal Rascals mirror guarantee your baby’s maximum safety?

★ SAFETY YELLOW – grab a glance of your baby in a split-second without dragging your eyes off the road for longer than needed
★ Shatterproof mirror – built tough so your baby is 100% protected ALL of the time
★ Toxic Free – exhaustively tested and certified by Intertek – the industry leader in product safety
★ Lightweight and convex – a large panoramic view with a frame that won’t injure should it fall
★ 360 rotation and tilt – a clear view of your baby at any angle
★ Dual adjustable straps – fits most cars and won’t slip out of place or wobble during transit
★ Soft feel frame – OK this isn’t entirely about safety BUT it does mean it’s pleasant to touch without the cheap plasticky feel!

Anything else?

Enjoy the complimentary Baby on Board sign to ensure the safest possible journey for you and your baby

If the Royal Rascals mirror isn’t for you that’s fine – we’ll give you a money back guarantee no questions asked

CLICK ‘ADD TO BASKET’ NOW and buy only the best for your baby!

Product Features

  • ★ WHY IS A YELLOW FRAME THE SAFEST FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE? Human vision is drawn to yellow QUICKER than any other color, so in a split second you can grab a glance of your baby’s reflection without dragging attention off the road for more than a moment. All YOU need to ask is why risk your baby’s safety with any other color?
  • ★ YOUR BABY’S SAFETY FIRST & FOREMOST – a 100% shatterproof mirror ensures optimal safety for your baby at all times. A sturdy mount and dual adjustable straps further ensures the mirror is held firmly in place and can withstand all the bumps your journey has to throw at it. What’s more the Royal Rascals baby car mirror is made entirely from TOXIC FREE materials as tested and certified by Intertek – the industry leader in product safety
  • ★ THE PERFECT VIEW – the Royal Rascals mirror has been designed to fit any headrest like a glove, and with a sturdy base and dual adjustable straps it won’t slip out of place or wobble around. What’s more 360 rotation offers maximum adjustability giving you a clear view of your baby at any angle
  • ★ READY TO GO IN AN INSTANT – as a parent you constantly face difficult tasks, make this an easier one – the Royal Rascals mirror is straightforward to setup so you and your baby will be on the road safely and securely in no time
  • ★ IF IT’S NOT FOR YOU, YOUR MONEY BACK – our Royal Rascals baby car seat mirror comes highly recommended by other likeminded parents and also makes an ideal gift for expecting parents – take a look at what they are saying below. We’ll even offer you a complimentary Baby on Board sign to ensure you and your baby the safest possible journey. However, if this product isn’t for you we’ll give you a full refund no questions asked


  • AHRic
    Posted on March 28, 2017 at 10:07 PM
    Yellow does it wonder.. It comes quickly and is having great design and built. It allows me to see my baby both whilst driving via the review mirror or by looking over my shoulder from passenger seat. The one main advantage is you can even see it in the dark because of its color. You easily and instantly focus on the mirror while driving as you dont have to focus in the rear mirror to locate the mirror as usually they comes in black color. so yellow color does have its advantage over the regular mirrors 
  • Olaf Johnson
    Posted on March 28, 2017 at 10:28 PM
    Great Product! Miles Above The Competition in Design and Effectiveness! Works way better than all the other mirrors that attach directly to the headrest. This has a base that attaches to the headrest and then the mirror pivots on a ball joint that attaches to the base. Also the glass doesn't distort your baby's image. It is a direct "wide angle" reflection. I'm confused on why this simple and effective design isn't emulated by other brand manufacturers of mirrors.This is a great product.
  • RM042812
    Posted on March 28, 2017 at 10:44 PM
    Great Option This is much better than the mirror I was using from my previous car. It installed easily and I can actually see my child in his car seat. It is mounted on a center headrest in a small SUV. It does shake quite a bit, however, I have not tried adjusting it to see if I can reduce the shaking. The price point was better than the other leading mirror that adjust in the same manner. The yellow doesn't seem to make a difference in locating the mirror. Perhaps it would if I was not already accustomed...
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