Samsung T989 Galaxy S II 4G Unlocked GSM Smartphone with 8 MP Camera, Android OS, 16 GB Internal Memory, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and GPS (Black)

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Posted on: December 19, 2014
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This high-end Android phone sports one of the fastest processors and fastest data connections available in a phone at introduction. Other key features include a large OLED display, HD video capture and output, DLNA wireless media streaming, and 16 GB of built-in memory plus a memory card slot.

Product Features

  • Samsung T989
  • Galaxy s 2 || two Android
  • gingerbread ice cream sandwich
  • wifi gps bluetooth smartphone
  • 8 mega pixel camera 1.5 GHz processor


  • PaceyPimps
    Posted on December 19, 2014 at 7:36 PM
    Better then iPhone 4S Better then and iPhone 4S 
  • Lyman W. Lyon "Qship"
    Posted on December 19, 2014 at 8:02 PM
    T-Mobile tells me that the phone is listed as blocked The phone connected for a short while. I took it to three T-Mobile stores, one of which told me the phone was refurbished, although it came in what seemed to be factory packaging. They were unable to make the phone connect. I sent the phone back to Samsung, they told me the phone was fully operational, but they could not connect to T-Mobile, either. 
  • Errol
    Posted on December 19, 2014 at 8:08 PM
    Best Phone Ever I've been through quite a few phones and this is my best so far, my second Android to be exact, probably my millionth phone though, lulz, first phone I've had with no freezes, ever. The dual core processor at 1.5ghz is marvelous, might not be the same chipset as the original s2, but the extra processing speed makes up for it without a doubt, the gpu might not be as great as the mali 400 but I can't lie, I've not been disappointed by any of the games and videos I've thrown at it so far, full...
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