RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – FDA Approved – Smart Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 400 lbs (Black)

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Posted on: March 5, 2017
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RENPHO brand is devoted and dedicated to the design, development and sales of digital scale.

Capacity: 396lb/180kg
Division: 0.2lb/50g
Units: kg/lb(switch units through APP)
Features: Auto on/off
Material: 5mm Tempered Glass Platform
Dispaly: Backlit LED display
Power: 3*1.5V AAA batteries included
Indications: Low Battery & Overload Indication

Using Tips:
1.If you are pregnant/pacemaker or other internal device holder, you should not over rely on the data provided by this product.
2.For best accuracy, please lay the scale on hard and flat surface, and stand on the central area. Avoid carpet or soft surface.
3.To avoid inaccurate weight results, please recalibrate the scale after physically moving or shifting it or when replacing the batteries.
4.To calibrate, apply weigh on the scale, then stop off and wait for the LED screen to display “”0.0″”. Then, step back on the scale to weigh with accurate results.
5.During weighing, the indication will be flashing on the display, wait till the indications stop flashing. Your weight will be displayed for about 15 seconds, then switch off automatically.
6.Please stand on the scale with DRY & BARE feet and make sure your feet are touch 4 electrode areas on the surface of the scale before use when taking body fat and other data. And please also noted that you need to turn on the Bluetooth on your Phone and make a connection with the Bluetooth Scale via App (only KitNew).
7.Please change a new battery when “”LO”” appears on the screen which indicates that the battery is out of power. “”Err””showed on the LED indicates overload.

RENPHO ensures 100% customer satisfaction with all purchases made from us, whenever you have any problem with our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Product Features

  • 9 PRECISION PHYSICAL HEALTH MEASUREMENTS: RENPHO Smart Body Fat Analyzer uses Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Technology and monitors 9 important body compositions for tracking health–Body Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Water, Skeletal Muscle, Bone Mass, Protein, Basal Metabolism and Body Age.
  • 4.0 BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY: The Smart Scale can connected with your smartphone via APP (KitNew) which can be FREE downloaded from Apple Store & Google Play. KitNew app is work well with Android 4.3 & IOS 7.0 or above system.
  • 4 HIGH PRECISION SENSORS: To weigh up 396 pounds (180 kilograms) in 0.2 lb/0.05 kg increments with Step on Technology. Simple step on scale for body weight. Please make sure your feet are touching 4 electrode areas on the surface of the scale for the Body Composition Data.
  • 15 INCHES WIDE PLATFORM with high quality ABS material and 5 mm reinforced tempered glass ensure long using time and safety about the scale. Unique white backlit LED display design for easily reading.
  • FDA CERTIFIED FOR SAFETY: Approved and certified by the FDA. 1 Year RENPHO Guarantee with FDA/CE/FCC/ROHS approved. Auto-calibrated and automatically turns off allows longer battery life; runs on 3xAAA batteries (batteries included).


  • Joanna Simpkins
    Posted on March 5, 2017 at 10:04 AM
    Best scale I have ever owned. This scale is amazing. Most scales you step on them and they can tell you your weight and some can tell you other information as well, like BMI water weight and such. This scale though is a bit different. It is very easy to use and to set it up took me about 5 minutes. First I downloaded the app and while it was downloading I put the batteries into the scale. Registration was easy. There is a wide variety of information that the app asks for, such as measuring units, height, hip and waist...
  • Krazy T
    Posted on March 5, 2017 at 10:23 AM
    great smart scale for any house I'm my house scales are a fight to see who's bathroom they will stay in so I picked this one up for my husband I really love the sleek design and the fact I can sync it via Bluetooth to an app on my phone which makes it perfect. I can add a profile for everyone in my house that uses the scale to keep track of weight body fat and water which really is great. This scale worked great although this one differed slightly to my other one I have but only a few ounces so that wasn't too bad. This uses...
  • Stephanie White
    Posted on March 5, 2017 at 10:29 AM
    RENPHO bluetooth Body fat scale Length:: 1:22 Mins 
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