Pet Qwerks Holiday Babble Ball

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Posted on: March 12, 2017
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The Babble Balls are interactive toys that talk or make exciting sounds when touched. The improved technology is so sensitive it can be triggered by a pet breathing on it, or just by the vibration of a pet walking past it. When play is finished, the Babble Ball turns off automatically and waits to be touched again.

Product Features

  • Each ball has more than 10 different sounds and jingles, like “Merry Christmas Little Doggy,” “fa la la lala,” “It’s Santa Claus!” “Bah Humbug!,” and many more!
  • It sings and talks!
  •  Pets think it’s actually alive! 
  • Great Holiday Gift!


  • Midwest Homeowner
    Posted on March 12, 2017 at 5:47 AM
    My puppy loves all the babble ball toys. A couple years ago I got my small puppy the regular babble ball. She hated it and barked at it for one day. Then she got brave enough to grab it and was obsessed with it for weeks until the battery died. I ordered 4 more, but now I tie them inside a sock for padding to make them last longer. So this Christmas when I saw the holiday babble ball I knew it was a good stocking stuffer. It did not disappoint. She could hardly stand waiting long enough for me to get it out of the package. I...
  • SMoore
    Posted on March 12, 2017 at 6:01 AM
    Holiday Babble Ball Static We have the red/yellow babble ball and our little Cooper think it is the best thing ever. So, I bought the Holiday ball for Christmas. Thinking it could be sold out, I bought it in August. We didn't pull the ribbon until the day after Thanksgiving so we could give it to him. He loved it. For 2 days. Then, the speaker has so much static, you can't understand the words. We changed batteries several times. That makes the static louder. There isn't anyplace to try to fix it and since the time is up...
  • JMcB
    Posted on March 12, 2017 at 6:21 AM
    Disappointed. I received 4 of these last night--only 1 of the 4 worked properly. I opened the battery cover and two of them were corroded--I managed to get three of them kinda working--not nearly as well as the original babble balls I have purchased. I had to purchase new batteries--one of them is unusable. I had planned to send two of these out for Christmas presents--can't do that now--don't want to give damaged presents. Disappointed -- the first three I purchased were very well received and are favorite...
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