MySmartBlinds Automation Kit + Smart Switch – Automate standard Venetian blinds in minutes – Control blinds from smartphone + Bluetooth remote

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Posted on: February 14, 2017
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The MySmartBlinds Automation Kit uses Bluetooth technology to control tilting in Venetian blinds (2- and 2.5-inch blinds). Simply install the included hardware, download the free MySmartBlinds app to your smart device, and create daily or weekly schedules to program your blinds. Maintain manual control at the blind with our easy-to-use pull-switch as well as control any blind on demand from your phone. MySmartBlinds Smart Switch is the perfect companion to your light switch. Control up to 8 blinds in a group and up to 4 groups per switch. We designed the Smart Switch to be functional for wall use as well as remote use. For wall use, simply peel and stick the switch to your wall, furniture, or cabinet. No tools required! The remote is removable and can be used anywhere within Bluetooth range. This product adds additional convenience for those times you need privacy or light at unscheduled times.

Product Features

  • Turn your standard Venetian blinds into smart blinds in minutes with the Automation Kit
  • Kit fits 2-and 2.5 inch standard horizontal blinds and can be controlled with MySmartBlinds smartphone app or Smart Switch (Android users: Android app is currently under construction. App is available on Google play and works with a number of devices. However, it does not support 5.0. The new app will be available soon. Thanks for your patience.)
  • Simple to install, simple to set up
  • Program your Smart Switch to control your blinds for easy access
  • Peel-and-stick Smart Switch can adhere to wall, desk, or other furniture, and can be removed from wall plate for portable access, within Bluetooth range

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