Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Phone

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Posted on: February 16, 2017
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Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart PhoneEvery preschooler loves role play! Now they can chat on their very own phone just like mom and dad! The Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Phone is a realistic and fun phone for children who will soon be able to answer and talk on a real phone. With regular use, they will become comfortable and confident phone talkers.

Toddler on phone

Preschoolers will love pretend play on their very own phone

Play games, count with numbers, or learn the alphabet
Learn with Sounds and Music
Children will love the real, cell phone-like features of the Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Phone. Exciting sounds, music, and realistic ring tones will offer hours of role play. They’ll also be able to master their phone skills. Practice makes perfect! They’ll be able to learn basic skills such as answering the phone, talking on the phone, and saying goodbye. They’ll also be able to learn very important phone numbers you personally can program in. That way, they will learn who to call for emergencies.

Meet Your New Best Friend Gabby!
With the Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Phone, your child will make a new best friend, Gabby! Gabby is a friendly, interactive voice that asks real questions and has real answers. There’s no better way to learn valuable phone skills than with a friend at your child’s side! She’ll help your preschooler learn numbers, counting, and the alphabet. They’ll also learn how to call neighborhood friends like the police officer and a firefighter. Your child will have mastered the phone and enjoy talking on it in no time!

Chat All Day Long!
Just like a real cell phone, your child will be able to take the Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Phone anywhere! With lightweight features, kids can tote the phone around all day. No worries about tough play, the phone is sturdy and built for plenty of play! 3 AA batteries required (included).

What’s In The Box?
Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Phone,3 AA batteries.

Teach children how to dial important numbers like calling the police or a fireman

Product Features

  • Children are sure to have fun with this Fun 2 Learn Smart Phone
  • Helps kids learn important phone numbers that you program in
  • Kids talk to Gabby, an interactive phone friend
  • Children learn about numbers, the alphabet, counting and more
  • Kids can enjoy interactive games, music, ring tones and sounds, and the color-changing screen and number pad


  • Jana Thieme
    Posted on February 16, 2017 at 3:07 AM
    Cute and realistic looking This phone resembles an actual smart phone, and my 1 year old grandson enjoys playing with it, but for only short time periods as he seems to get bored with it quickly. In all fairness though, I would get bored with a phone that didn't have an actual person on the other end either. My grandson has had the phone for 2 months now and its come in very handy. Since my grandson loves to talk on the phone, it's been useful to refer him to his own phone when an actual call comes in on mine. The...
  • Paul Simpson Jr
    Posted on February 16, 2017 at 3:30 AM
    Useless no volume The volume is very low even on the highest setting. Sad thing is the volume was great until I removed the plastic tab on the back that is just for in store demonstration purposes. As soon as I removed that you can barely hear it. I even changed the batteries twice and still the volume on the highest setting is very low and hard to hear, making the toy useless.
  • reader
    Posted on February 16, 2017 at 3:45 AM
    A toy without annoying noises! My twenty month grandchild loves this phone. She uses it frequently. Her parents and I appreciate the quiet "voice" on the phone. It is clear enough for me to hear even with hearing aids without being annoyingly loud.
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