Bestoss Portable Charger 8000mAh External Battery Power Bank with Build-in USB Charging Cable for Samsung Galaxy iPhone 6S 6S Plus iPad and Most Smartphone

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Posted on: February 3, 2017
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Ready for your Android
With the large 4000mAh battery capacity and the built in Apple Certified Lighting cable and Micro USB cable
you can charger your smartphone on the go without any worries! The power bank is compatible with all smart phones and new phones that are coming soon!
Charge your iPhone faster!
With the 2.1A power over the Lightning cable, the portable power bank is smart and works with your iPhone to give it the maximum amount of power at safe levels to charge your device faster
Wide Compatibility
Android: Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge, S6, S4, S3; Note 4, Nexus 5/4, LG G4, G3 Other Devices: Most USB Charged Devices, Camera Battery Charger, HTC One M9, PS Vita, MOTO X, and etc
We use A polymer battery which has more than 500 times life cycle.
The preset intelligent IC protection promises no over-charging, no over-discharging, no over-loading; no short circuit. Feel free to use it.
Package Includes:
1 x Smart Charger , 24 months warranty provided by Kingtoss

Product Features

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT Super lightweight portability for uninterrupted phone usage on-the-go with the proven power of li-polymer battery to maximize personal independence. Ultra-thin and lightweight, you can easily slide the compact battery pack into your bag, pocket or wallet and take it wherever you go.
  • World’s most elegantly designed mobile charger with built-in charging cables, Jackery Bolt is your mobile device and your mobile life’s best friend. No need to carry charging cables for your phones anymore, yay!
  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN — Hold your peripherals like Lightning to Micro USB Adapter with a considerately crafted mini compartment (Lightning to USB Adapter is not included).
  • PORTABLE SIZE — Perfect slim fit into your palm. This product can be your ideal choice for casual use, entertainment, party, business trip and travel.
  • Protection Guarantee: This portable charger will automatically shut down if a short circuit or overload output occurred while unit is charging. Scratch-resistant finish paint leaves it in prime condition so it always looks its best


  • X
    Posted on February 3, 2017 at 11:43 PM
    Does Not Charge While Charging One of the images for this item specifically advertises it's ability to charge a phone while being plugged in and charging itself. While it's true you can do this if you are charging it via an external microUSB cable (it also has a regular charging port like a phone), it does not work when the built-in USB cable is plugged in. It may not be able to handle the amperage when plugged in to a full-size USB port (2.1A max) rather than a microUSB port (1A max), and so it would work if plugged into a...
  • Beverly Medley McCall
    Posted on February 3, 2017 at 11:55 PM
    Top of the line power bank! I have several power banks as I have many uses for them. I used them this one to power some LED Christmas lights and it worked like a charm! I only had to charge it up about 3 times a week and that was when it was in use 24 hours a day. It charges up quickly and lasts a long time on my low-power consumption lights. I have also used it on my iPhone 6s plus and it works great. Very handy to have built in cords too!
  • Terrell Elliott
    Posted on February 4, 2017 at 12:16 AM
    Excellent Performance! I used it to charge my phone during my hour lunch at work for the last week. The phone's battery was anywhere from 50-60% and it fully charged it every time within the hour. The battery indicator is now at 2 out of 4 leds & I have not charged it since I initially did a week ago. It does get a bit warm while it's charging but I don't intend on carrying this or using it in my pocket. It'll be like carrying a 2nd phone.
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